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Wedding dress and gown boxing service

Once your dress is cleaned and pressed to your satisfaction, the next decision is how you store your wedding dress;

Cramming your gown into a wardrobe will result in crushing. The main protections are:

a) Polythene Bag/ Cover : The most common but the worst solution is a polythene bag or cover, these trap moisture (ultimately rotting the dress), demands a large space and provides no protection against crushing.

b) Gown Cover : A purpose made gown cover is better and should have perforations allowing the dress to breathe but again, demands a large space and provides no protection against crushing..

c) Boxes : A box of the appropriate dimensions is preferable as the dress can then be stored in a smaller space without wardrobe crushing or compression. All boxes are not equal. As an absolute minimum it should be constructed entirely from pH neutral materials to prevent discolouration and should also guard against moisture retention. The best boxes will resist crushing, moisture ingress and be aesthetically pleasing.

Storage Box for your wedding dressOur hand-made boxes are specifically designed for the purpose of long-term Wedding Dress Storage. They are manufactured entirely from pH neutral materials, even the lining paper as this is in direct contact with your wedding dress. Our boxes need not be stowed out of site. They look good enough to be given pride of place, often being displayed in a corner of the bedroom.

If you require us to ‘supply and box’ your wedding dress, we insist that you examine your dress prior to boxing. In this way you can be certain that it has actually been cleaned and are fully aware of the exact condition.

We prefer you to view the packing process and bring any other items such as shoes, tiaras etc. that you wish to include within the box. In this way you will know that your dress is properly stored whilst remaining confident that you can put it back ‘safe and sound’ after viewing and reminiscing as often as your heart desires.

Read some of the do's and don'ts of storing a wedding dress.